In GPartners we have an extensive knowledge in the field of compliance and fraud prevention programs.

The latest in legal matters, and in particular the reform of the Penal Code which will see the light soon, entail important requirements for companies in this matter, being required to have a crime prevention program and a budget for this purpose.

From GPartners we offer a solution to your needs:

  • Implementation of programs of criminal compliance, fully adapted to the new requirements in the field of criminal compliance
  • Implementation and management of whistleblowing, specifically designated as one of the mechanisms more efficient to fight against fraud and corruption
  • We offer specific training in this field, both teams and senior management
  • Periodic audits.

With all this, your company will benefit for the following reasons:

  • You can demonstrate that it has made adequate control of risks, which, in case of having to appear before a court, it will serve as mitigating or even exemption from criminal responsability for the company and its managers.
  • Your company will be much more transparent, creating a healthy working environment and creating a climate of confidence
  • In case of any criminal or irregular made in your organization, you will have appropriate channels to detect it in its initial phase, limits the damage that may be caused to your company.

GPartners advises you when you need an analysis of risks in your company and also in the design of the controls required to mitigate the risks

Likewise, we advise you in the design of manuals needed to create a climate of suitable work: codes of conduct, manuals acceptable use of computers placed at the disposal of employees, etc.

We are aware that many companies have already implemented measures, so that our work is not to "start from scratch", but leverage the work already done by the company and adapt it to the demands of the present time.

Our complaints channel is a communication channel to enable their employees, suppliers, clients or other stakeholders in knowledge of the company not allowed or improper conduct, that they can affect human capital, to the estate or to the reputation of the Organization, as opposed to its code of ethics.

GPartners provides a secure complaints of confidentiality, using a customizable online platform to the characteristics of each client.We'll receive the complaints, classify them, and sending them to the right person depending on the case (responsible for audit internal, responsible for human resources, Managing Director, or Board of Directors).

This system of internal complaints (whistleblowing) fits into the framework of the policies of good corporate governance and not only promotes transparent, but it also protects organizations.

If necessary to perform an internal investigation following a complaint, in GPartners we have the means, knowledge and experience when it comes to lead such investigations, which in some cases may result in a legal proceeding.

We put at your disposal our human capital and educational materials to educate their employees and managers, thus contributing to creating an ethical culture in your organization.

A proper training of your employees and managers in this field means having a team that knows what is permitted and what is not allowed, as well as the mechanisms are there when it comes to denounce an irregularity.

As part of the requirements of the new Criminal Code (Art. 31 BIS), GPartners has periodic audits of its compliance program, verifying the existence of an adequate analysis of risks and appropriate controls. We also check that the controls operate efficiently, because it’s a requirement explicitly designated within the reform of the Criminal Code

Our audit is collected in a format of expert report, which contains the information required to be presented before a court. In this way you can increase the chances of exempting from criminal responsibility to the legal person, in the case if there is a crime.


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